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  • Sunday, 24 April 2016

    [How To] Calculate Energy of Steam

    Today i'm gonna give you a brief about Steam properties especially Energy, as there will be much confusion about types of Steam. 

    What is the Energy of Steam, How much energy from steam can we utilize, How much Energy it needs to get generate, These are the questions that we don't have a clear cut answer, if you have then there is no need to read this, or else you have to.....!!!  

    For a liquid to have transition to Vapour stage, it need to cross the following steps,

    * First the liquid need to reach Boiling point
    * The liquid need to change its state from Liquid to Vapour,
    * The vapour still heated above evaporation temperature, simple called Super Heating.

    And for going deeper into, need to have much clear knowledge regarding Steam types, and on what basis it has been classified. Usually upto my knowledge steam will be mostly Classified based on its energy, but there wont be any ranges to define its type, and coming to types below are some,

    1. Saturated Steam,
    2. Dry Saturated Steam,
    3. Super Heated Steam.

    Saturated Steam: The vapor produced from water which is produced at or after water boiling point [100°C or 212°F] is called Saturated Steam.

    Dry Saturated Steam: The saturated steam produced after Removal of Wetness is called Dry saturated steam, usually 99% of the pharma operations were carried out using Dry saturated steam, and the rate of Condensation of Dry Saturated steam will be lower than that of Saturated Steam.

    Super Heated Steam: Super Heated steam is what when produced after heating the Dry Saturated Steam to further temperatures, Highly dangerous it cant been seen, even the dry saturated steam can be observed but Super Heated cannot.    

    Enthalpy ( H ): Enthalpy is nothing but the product of Mass in a system ( M ) and Specific Enthalpy ( h ). 
     H = M x h

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    Specific Enthalpy ( h ): Specific Enthalpy is summation of Internal energy ( U ) and Product of Absolute Pressure ( P ) and Specific Volume ( V ).

    h = U + ( P x V )
     So, Now most of you got a brief about Enthalpy and Steam, Now lets begin our Actual Journey towards of Destination of Calculating the Steam Enthalpy,
    This Can be done in 3 stages,
    Img. Credits: Engineering ToolBox.

    Stage 1: Enthalpy of Saturated Water:

    Standard Enthalpy of Saturated Water at Standard Atmosphere is 419 KJ/Kg,

    Specific Enthalpy of water can be calculated as

    hf = Cw ( TL - To )

    Where, hf  - Water Enthalpy, Cw - Specific Heat of water =4.19 KJ/Kg.°C,
    Tf - Saturation Temperature ( i.e., Boiling point temp.), To - Reference Temperature ( Ice point Temp.)

    Stage 2: Specific Enthalpy of Saturated Steam:

    This Enthalpy for Saturated Steam can be obtained at atmospheric pressure from above Table, i.e.,
    hg = 2676 KJ/Kg,

    So now Enthalpy required for saturated liquid to convert into saturated steam can be obtained as follows,

    Latent Heat ( he ) = hg - hf = 2676 - 419 = 2257 KJ / Kg.

    Stage 3: Specific Enthalpy of Super Heated Steam:

    This is what every one needs, 

     How to Calculate the Energy of steam if it is having temperature higher than its boiling point,
    Specific Enthalpy of Super Heated Steam can be calculated from the regular equation,

    hs = hg + Cp ( Ts - Tf )

    Cp - Specific Heat of Steam at Constant Pressure, which can be considered as 1.860 KJ/Kg.°C,
     Ts - Temperature of super heated Steam, Tf - Saturation temperature i.e., 100°C.

    As Cp varies with temperature, just have approximated values somewhat higher.

    If you Understand all the above logic , then Cheers, or else if you have any queries than feel free to contact us, thanks :)

    Comments are most appreciated.................!!

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